Help For Your Senior Parent

Help For Your Senior Parent

Help For Your Senior Parent

3 October 2017
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If you have a senior parent that could use some extra help, then you want to learn about the different services that are out there to help seniors to get through their day and get to the places they need. This short guide can serve as a great reference you can use to learn about the different types of services you can help your parent get. Here are some of the different services that may be available to them depending on the area they live in:

A home health aide can help with their daily needs

If your parent is still living in a regular home, whether it be their own or with family, then a home health aide may be able to help them to take care of some of the things they have a hard time with or simply can't do on their own. A few examples of some of the things a home health aide can help with include light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, bathing, dressing, grocery shopping and driving. In some states, a home health aide can also do things like take their vitals and administer medications. A home health aide provides seniors with the ability to enjoy their independence by allowing them to continue living on their own, while giving them the extra help that they need.

Food prep services

Your parent may be able to take care of themselves for the most part, but still have a hard time in the kitchen. There is a lot involved with meal prep that the average person doesn't think about. There is a lot of bending, reaching, lifting heavy pots and pans, standing and stirring. To most, these things may be easy, but they can become harder and harder as a person ages, especially if they have mobility issues. A food prep service may be available on your parent's area. They will bring already cooked and heated meals to your parents each day so they will be guaranteed one complete meal to ensure they are getting a well-balanced meal they don't have to prepare for themselves.

Car rides to and from doctor's appointments

Your parent may be able to get car rides to and from their doctor's visits if they no longer drive. This can help ensure that they don't miss out on getting the care they need due to transportation problems. These rides will offer them a ride from their home to the doctor and then back home. They will also take them to testing facilities, surgery locations and more.

If you are interested in learning more about any and all of the senior care services that your parent may be eligible for then a great place to start is to ask their primary care physician and/or their insurance provider.

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