What To Expect During A Sports Physical

What To Expect During A Sports Physical

What To Expect During A Sports Physical

12 April 2019
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If your child is going to be playing a sport, they may be required to have a sports physical. This is because the organization (school or otherwise) wants to be sure your child is physically capable of performing in the sports activity without injuring themselves further. It's a safety precaution for your child, as well as a way to protect the organization. If you aren't sure what occurs during the sports physical, read on for further information.

Thorough Medical History

The physician is going to go through a very thorough medical history of your child, as well as hereditary information. If heart issues are a hereditary issue, the physician may want to keep a close eye on your child if they are performing any strenuous activity. If there is a history of allergies to bee stings and they are playing a sport on an open field where there's a chance for bee stings, this is something that the physician is going to go over. A very thorough medical history on your child, as well as family history, is going to need to be known, so be prepared. Some history includes illnesses, hospitalizations, medicine being taken, previous broken bones or fractures, vision problems, and a history of seizures or epilepsy, shortness of breath, or headaches.

Thorough Examination

The physician is going to do a thorough examination of your child, including checking blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, height and weight, reflexes, and spinal alignment. The doctor will test for hernias, listen to the heart and lungs, and also check the ears, nose, and throat. If they find any issues, further testing may be required such as blood work, x-rays or an echocardiogram. If there is family history, sometimes these extra tests are ordered just to be on the safe side.

Decision To Play

Your physician will say if your child is able to play the sport they are trying to play. If the physician thinks your child needs further testing, or thinks with their family history and their own medical history that it's too dangerous to play, they will make this decision. If your child is unable to play, it doesn't mean they cannot play forever, it just means that at this time it may be unsafe. Further testing may be needed, or medical treatment may be necessary before your child can play the sport. Other sports that aren't quite as physical may also be better for your child. 

You want your child to be safe, which is why the sports physical is so important. Be honest during the physical and discuss any questions you or your child may have with the physician. For more information, contact a local clinic like Port City Pediatrics

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